Steering Committee

Cathy Cohen (Chair)
David and Mary Winton Green Professor, Department of Political Science and the College

Jonathan Acevedo
Third Year, Computer Science

Aidan Ali-Sullivan
Second Year, Booth Master of Business Administration/Harris Master of Public Policy Program

Elise Covic
Deputy Dean, the College

Elizabeth Davenport
Dean of Rockefeller Chapel

Melissa Gilliam
Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion and Professor, Family Planning

Marlon Lynch
Associate Vice President for Safety, Security, and Civic Affairs

Thomas Miles
Dean, Law School, and Clifton R. Musser Professor of Law

Ronald A. Thisted
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Professor, Public Health Sciences and Statistics

Adrienne Thomas
Local Business Center Manager, Social Sciences Division, and Director of Grant & Contact Administration

Ala Tineh
Third Year, Economics

William Towns
Assistant Vice President, Neighborhood Initiatives

Renita Ward
Second Year, Masters in Divinity Program