Climate Survey

The University of Chicago promotes a culture of free expression in academic, research, and work environments that include people with a wide variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas. We are committed to building and supporting a climate where each person’s ideas and contributions can flourish and where incorrect assumptions will be questioned – frequently the first step towards field-defining research and discovery.

Realizing these values requires a campus climate that embraces diversity and inclusion.  It is crucial that we cultivate a climate that is welcoming for individuals of all identities and backgrounds; that we create the conditions for attracting a wide range of talent; and that we prevent and correct incidents of bias, discrimination, and harassment, which threaten the University’s climate, intellectual mission, and the individuals within it.

The Climate Survey is one of several initiatives aimed at understanding and improving the climate on campus regarding diversity and inclusion. The survey results will help us understand progress made toward our institutional values and will provide a threshold against which to measure future improvement; will catalyze communication and discussion; and will contribute to the development and implementation of new programs, policies, and activities designed to foster a more inclusive climate.

Improving the campus climate offers an opportunity to enhance our tradition of free expression, enabling all members of our community to engage more fully in the intellectual life of the University. As a community, we must work together to foster an inclusive environment that upholds these values that are intrinsic to the University of Chicago.

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For a complete summary of resources (including confidential resources) for members of the University community who may be experiencing discrimination or unlawful harassment, please visit the Equal Opportunity Programs website.

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